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Milan’s iconic motorcycle trade show, EICMA, celebrated its 109th year with a groundbreaking twist. This year marked a historic shift as EICMA ventured into the digital realm, introducing the inaugural EICMA ESPORTS MX Championship finale and the adrenaline-pumping EICMA Esport VIP last November 11th. Partnering with Init Esports, the event aimed to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, bringing authentic digital sim racing experiences to a wider audience, and enriching the global motorcycle community’s vibrant culture.

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finale esports mx
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From EICMA: “The Eicma Esports debuts at EICMA and does so in style!
EICMA Esports Arena is the brand new and engaging exhibition content dedicated to the world of electronic sports and motorsport video games.

An exciting area where you can play games, meet VIPs, influencers and riders of international stature, but that’s not all.

The EICMA Esports Arena hosts simulators, events and initiatives, stage moments: all concentrated in an exciting schedule of events. The public is of course also a protagonist, thanks to the presence of consoles to live firsthand the gaming experience of the best motorsports video games.

But the spectacle of the EICMA Esports Arena began even before the gates opened. A full-fledged online motocross championship, THE EICMA ESPORTS MX CHAMPIONSHIP, has been with us until today. In fact, players from all over Europe and the United States have been competing over the past few weeks on digital reproductions of Italy’s most legendary and iconic tracks: Maggiora, Arco di Trento, Mantova and Riola Sardo.

The top ten finishers of this championship have already won a ticket to Milan with destination EICMA, and on Saturday, November 11, they will play the finals here on the faithful digital reproduction of the off-road track of MOTOLIVE, the event within the event that is set up every year in the outdoor area of the fairgrounds.”

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