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Groundbreaking Partnership Announcement

Init Esports and Virtual MX Announce Groundbreaking Partnership to Elevate Motocross/Supercross Esports and Gaming Experience

Dover, DE August 9th, 2023 – Init Esports, the renowned esports organization that creates authentic pathways to link the digital racing space with the IRL (in-real-life) races, and Virtual MX, the leading technology organizer for simulator Motocross/Supercross games, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that will revolutionize the motorcycle sim racing esports landscape. This unprecedented collaboration between two industry giants in the simulator racing vertical sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in gaming and entertainment.

Init Esports, widely recognized for its exceptional programs, global reach, and unparalleled community engagement, has consistently pushed the boundaries of competitive gaming. By teaming up with Virtual MX, a trailblazer in immersive motorcycle simulator racing experiences, Init Esports aims to redefine the way players and fans engage with motorcycle sim racing esports competitions.

Through this partnership, Init Esports will gain access to Virtual MX’s cutting-edge technology, enabling them to create unparalleled gaming experiences for dedicated motocross gamers and fans. Virtual MX’s state-of-the-art organization will transport players into captivating virtual race tracks, enhancing the overall gameplay and offering an unmatched level of realism and immersion.

The collaboration between Init Esports and Virtual MX promises to bring esports enthusiasts closer to the action than ever before. By integrating technology seamlessly into their tournaments and events, Init Esports aims to provide fans with an unprecedented level of interaction and participation, making them an integral part of the gaming experience.

“We are delighted to join forces with Virtual MX,” said Init Esports CEO’s Stefy Bau. “This partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of motorcycle esports competition. Together, we are determined to break new ground, delivering unforgettable experiences that will captivate our fans and redefine the future of competitive motorcycle gaming. Simulator racing is not for everyone, but it is the closest experience to the IRL racing. With the continued desire to create pathways into the motorcycle industry and bring new participants to the sports through gaming and esports, partnering with Virtual MX is just the natural evolution”

Virtual MX Founder Nicolas Millot echoed the excitement, stating, “Virtual MX is thrilled to partner with Init Esports, a trailblazer in the esports industry. By combining our long-standing experience and gaming technology with their passion for excellence and inclusivity, we aim to set a new standard for motorcycle esports entertainment. Together, we will unlock boundless possibilities for gamers, racers, and fans alike.”

This collaboration is only the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating journey. Both companies are already hard at work on upcoming initiatives that will showcase the full potential of this groundbreaking partnership. Motorcycle riders, Gaming enthusiasts, and esports and racing fans can look forward to a series of thrilling announcements and events in the near future.

Stay connected with Init Esports and Virtual MX through their official websites and social media channels to be the first to witness the incredible innovations that this partnership will bring to the world of sim racing.

About Init EsportsInit Esports is a woman-led esports company that focuses on sim racing special events and motorcycle esports tournaments. We bring esports content to fans and sponsorship opportunities to brands. Init Esports produces and promotes online competitions and real-life events, maximizing the reach of esports audiences across multiple sports, industries, and platforms. DEI is in our DNA. Our own platform aims to combat bullying and cheating to help make the digital world as safe and fair as possible. Visit for more info.

About Virtual MX: Virtual MX is committed to the motocross racing game industry for over 10 years. Our team is made up of enthusiasts with real experience in motocross and video games. Our range of skills enables us to elevate players’ experience to the highest level: game and physics development, 3D modeling of tracks and assets, racing system technologies, and much more. Visit for more info.

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